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We are different. Each company is different. This is what every company thinks of itself. This is also what every other company that develops App Agents wants to feel, rubbing their hands because customization brings with it a greater need to develop ad hoc code and as we all know, more code means more additional costs for the end customer.

Unlike other companies, we at Zotsell are not happy to reinvent the wheel every time. We honestly considered it a waste of time and resources. After having developed several order apps, we have identified some common points. So in 2010 we decided to develop a new bold and never attempted idea before:

A parametric order app.

This feature of customizing  order app by settings means that it is not necessary to develop code to adapt any business needs in the vertical sector. If you are a fashion clothing company you need to sell in a size / color grid. If you sell jewellery or welding rods, you’ll find yourself strangely on the same boat. In both cases you are faced with facing the price component of precious metals in your product which varies with the daily silver metal metal metal rate. If you sell food products, each individual item sold must be traceable and have a unique identifier, which sometimes goes back to the entire supply chain.

Yes, every company is different, but with zotsell you don’t need to write code to satisfy such a difference.

All you need is an App Parametric Orders.
When customers come to us with new and unique needs, we listen carefully, ask a lot of questions and do our best to understand and meet their needs. These are their stories….