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Become a Zotsell Reseller

We want to create a partnership with your company to distribute the app offline orders that revolutionizes the way you sell

We are looking for PARTNERS in the IT sector to distribute ZotSell
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Do not reinvent the wheel!

We have invested more than 120 years/man to develop a 100% Private label app for your company

Are you planning on developing an app mobile offline order taking solution?  Think again.  We have a white label solution ready for you! We are a team of 15 people who in 10 years have focused on developing the best selling app on the market 100% integrated with your ERP. To help you inform your customers we have created 4620 Business Cases on Youtube where we report success stories that show how with ZotSell companies have improved their business competitiveness by solving these 22 problems:

  • Reduce personnel costs for placing orders
    Reduce order acquisition errors
    Reduce customer defaults
    Reduce business network calls in the company
    Reduce mileage reimbursements in the commercial network
    Reduce the costs of creating marketing catalogues
    Reduce the cost of distributing marketing catalogues
    Reduce sales cycle times
    Reduce misalignment of sales network objectives
    Reduce sales personnel turnover
    Reduce customer abandonment rate
  • Increasing the effectiveness of sales presentation
    Increase profit margins per order
    Increase the acquisition of new customers
    Increase commercial network productivity
    Increase customer loyalty
    Increase the achievement of sales targets
    Increase order collection speed and quality
    Increase the alignment of sales network objectives
    Increase market shares.
    Increase the average harvest order
    Increase control of the commercial network

Why a partnership with Zotsell?

Zotsell is the only COMPANY on the market that operates ONLY BY CHANNEL without selling directly and competing with its own PARTNERS.

There are 4 strategic reasons to become a Partner:


Growth Market
16 billion $16 billion of opportunities in the world for SaaS


Recourse Fees
The SaaS has a low entry barrier and fees are repeated over the years


Find new customers
We are the “Trojan horse” to win new customers


Don’t lose customers
Consolidate your relationship with your customers without allowing other IT suppliers to enter

What we offer to our Partners:


Channel Oriented
ZotSell is distributed mainly through authorized and certified partners


Technical and Sales Training
We organize online training courses to quickly certify all partners


Fast answers
Support through an online site dedicated to Partners with specialized staff.


Customer Protection
Partners can protect their negotiations through the My Customer form


Test App
We provide Partners with Zotsell’s demo App with demonstration data in 11 vertical sectors


Leads and Prospects
We will offer partners (geographically based) leads from the ZotSell website and a database prospects in the area to be contacted.

What we ask our Partners:


customer management
We want to have commercial relationships only with you, you sell to your end customer.


Give first-class customer service
We provide  you second and third level support,   you provide the first level support to your customer


Bill directly your customer
We want to have business relationships only with you,  you invoice your customer.

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